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February 18, 2014

Halloween 2013

For some reason I'm having issues getting my October pictures off my I-phone.  Not sure if it has something to do with the fact that at the beginning of November as I was rushing off to meet a friend for coffee I left my phone on top of my car.  And drove away!  UGH!  When I got home I immediately did the "where's my phone" thing and it said it was right outside on the sidestreet.  I searched high and low and even bribed a group of boys a money reward if they found it.  They wanted the money and they searched hard.  Alas, it wasn't meant to be.  :(  Eric found pieces of my phone case three miles away along side a very busy street.  We never did find any pieces of the phone but I'm guessing it was smashed right away.  I'd only had the phone a year and really didn't want to buy a brand new one since then I'd have to pay fees for cancelling the other one and yada yada yada...  So I looked on craigslist, found one and he agreed to meet me at the Verizon dealership.  Verizon checked it out, made sure it was okay and we all called it good.  I was able to retrieve my pictures off the cloud but back to my original gripe- can't get them off my phone.

Anyhow Halloween.  We were told by a neighbor that our neighborhood was horrible at doing Halloween and that we might want to trick or treat in a different area.  A huge percentage of our neighborhood is Indian- as in East Indian.  We were going to but then at the last minute decided to try it out- if we only were successful at a few houses then whatever.  We ended up having a great time!  A lot of the Indian's opened up their garages so they could have a seat, watch the trick or treaters and pass out candy without having to open their doors up every 2 seconds.  I would say our neighborhood did great, tons of kids out and tons of houses that participated!

Van was hilarious.  We practiced saying "trick or treat" then sent him up the first drive way with Keenan to which of course the people tossed some candy in their bags.  Without moving an inch, Van inspects what was thrown in his bag.  Upon seeing candy he looks absolutely stunned.  "CANDY, they gave me CANDY!"  He is now smiling ear to ear and is about ready to devour his new prize, I encouraged him to go to the next house for more.  He looked at me quizzically but decided to try it again.  "MORE CANDY, THEY GAVE ME MORE CANDY!"  "Lets try this again!"  After that he knew what to do!  If there was a big group of kids at the door, he would fight his way to the front and then not leave after he got his treat, instead he would wait a minute then open his bag up again and try it again.  He was always polite and would usually leave with a "Thanks Buddy!"  One house gave him chips,  "Chips?! Chips?! Where da candy?"  The guy asked him if he liked chips, Van replied with a yes and thanks buddy!  I think Van ended up with almost twice the amount of candy as Keenan. 

They both looked so darn cute!  Trick or treating makes me glad to live in the states again.  Overseas our trick or treating was an event at the Embassy and they went from office to office getting candy and ended with a party somewhere. 

Below was the first house we went to, Van was standing back since he wasn't too sure about this...

  Below- all the loot!  I did my parental duties and randomly tested several for razors or explosives :) 

 Oh, I forgot- Eric and I did an adult Halloween party.  Can you tell what we went as??  Where's Waldo and Carmen San Diego.  I had to work that day so soon as I got off I had to quick change then go.  We had fun.

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