Our Travels

May 18, 2014


In January Hayley, one of the boys' california cousins, and her boyfriend were out this way visiting family.  They boys sent her this picture (above) because they wanted to spend more time with her!  They loved playing with her!  The boys insisted on surrounding her at dinner one night.

Van had to show her all of his things :) and all of his games on his leappad.

In January we traveled to Montana as my family won a family ranching award.  The boys looked so cute.
Below- my cousin Steph and me
Keenan and Cade occupying themselves at the dinner

My cousins- its been awhile since we had a good group photo of us.  I think I may have one from back in college- but no way am I posting that one.  College was a little hard on my waistline :(

The younger generation of cousins
The tables made good forts!

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