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May 18, 2014

December 2013

This area is pretty skittish when it comes to snow- as in at first snowflake the schools and all things government close down.  Eric and the boys enjoyed a snow day making a pretty awesome snowman!

 Christmas.  I was supposed to work both Christmas eve and Christmas nights but ended up not having to work either one!  Someone wanted to work my Christmas night in exchange for New Years eve and when I showed up to work Christmas Eve we were overstaffed- something that I'm pretty sure hasn't happened since, and nobody else wanted to go home so I did!  I was happy!  :)

 My parents sent the boys a game- it's a dog poop game.  You start by shoving a small piece of green slimy goo in the dogs mouth then depending on what you roll you squeeze the leash which causes terrible farting sounds.  The boys loved that!  Eventually the dog "poops", if its your turn then you pick up the poop on your shovel.  First person to collect 3 poops wins...

 Lewis- not sure if he likes snow.
 Van loves it!

 Another snow day.  Movies above and sledding below.

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