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January 1, 2015

Happy 2015!

2015 New Years Resolutions:

     1.  Restart my blog!  I loved having the blog since at the end of the year I would print it out into a book.  I'm not a scrapbooker and the blog book had all my favorite picture from the year plus little stories.  I feel bad that I've already missed so many cute little stories from these past 2 years of not blogging.  I whined to my husband about not being able to keep up the blog because he's always on the computer and that I "needed" my own laptop.  I received that said laptop for Christmas, so here I am!

     2.  Run more races!  I, with a few other people from my work and a friend, signed up for the "Rock n Roll USA" half marathon which in downtown DC mid- March.  It's been 2 years since I ran my last half which was "Run to the Pub" in Bozeman, Montana.  It's time.  Last year I only ran two local races, a 5K and a 4 miler, which is sad because there are so many many races in this area to run.  There are also so many local running groups that I could get involved with- I'm tentatively planning on trying one out on Saturday.

How we rang in the New Year- we celebrated with our neighbors at our local bowling alley.  We also celebrated in London time which meant we rang it in at 7pm local time.  Win win if you ask me!  Plus, we were home a little after 8!  We let the kids stay up until 10:30 when they looked like they were going to crash on the couch.

I left my phone at home and Eric wasn't into taking photos :(  Keenan missed getting in these photos because he was playing games in the arcade area.  When we first got there Van was super excited to bowl, bowled about twice then started crying.  Keenan tried to calm him down with a promised cookie, Van cried even harder when we couldn't get a cookie... :(  Not sure what happened, maybe he was hungry or all the bright flashing lights got to him.  He sat out until after they served food- then he was happy to bowl again.  His favorite part was when we rang in London's new year and we all did did cheers with sparkling apple cider.  After that after every single time we bowled we had to run back to our table to cheers!  Really kinda cute ;)

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