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January 2, 2015

2014 in review: part 1

Here's hopefully a short'ish review of our 2014

January:  Eric's neice, Hayley, came to visit.  The boys wouldn't leave her alone.

We traveled to Montana as my family won a "Family Ranching" award.  Below is my generation of cousinsl
 Here's the next generation of cousins.
 We hardly saw Keenan while we were in Montana as he was always with a cousin a or two or three.

 Back in the airport.
 Keenan played on a basketball team which Eric coached.

February:  Lots of snow this month.  We took advantage and went sledding
 Keenan lost more teeth!


Keenan earned his green belt in taekwondo

 Showing his board-breaking skills
 Van checks out a new playground.
 The boys love book time before bed, maybe they just like procrastinating...
 Keenan played on a soccer league, he was actually pretty good :)
 Van kept everyone amused at these soccer games
 Perfecting his face making skills
 We let Keenan play hooky and went downtown for Cherry Blossom fest.

 Keenan convinced us to rent a peddle boat
 Always the goof
 Cherry blossoms and Washington monument

 Keenan :)
 Van turned 4 and celebrated with a birthday (root)beer

Keenan learns how to fish.
 AOL 5k for mom then a 1k with Keenan.
 Keenan's soccer team
 Mother's day at a vineyard
I guess Keenan wasn't excited to finish soccer season.

May also brought a few changes for me.  I decided I was over long shifts, working holidays, nights and weekends in the trauma ICU and traded it all for a position at a cosmetic surgery center. The new position traded in three 12 hour shifts a week for five 8 hour days.  I definitely miss the adrenaline rushes and the critical thinking involved with ICU patients but overall I'm glad I made the switch.  Cosmetic surgery is a fun field!


June brought the end of 1st grade for Keenan.  Eric took a quick trip to Vegas with his friends then immediately turned around and took Keenan and Van to California for a wedding.  I couldn't get the time off from my new job so I stayed.

Eric and the boys in California
 Boating with uncle Mike
 Hamming it up for the camera with their cousin the bride.
 They doooo love each other!

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