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September 6, 2015

March Taekwondo tourney

Soooo I'm not doing a very good job on my New Year's resolution of keeping up my blog but here is my attempt at adding in the pictures from the last few months.

March.  March took us to a nearby tae kwondo tournament.  I thought it was going to be small so I was rather surprised when the place was packed with spectators and participants.

Somehow Keenan managed to lead his school with their sign.

 They had the kids go in groups of 3's for forms and yes everybody got a trophy.  Keenan totally nailed his form and got 1st!
 Keenan's scores.
 Trophy #1 of the day!

 The kids waiting to spar

 Keenan also did very well in sparring

 another 1st place trophy!  The groups were 4 kids(if i remember correctly).  We were disappointed that the first place kids then didn't spar the other first place kids but whatever.

 His trophies for the day.

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