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February 23, 2015

Running, belt testing, basketball and snow!

I joined a mom's running group- well, a while ago, but just recently started running with them on Saturday mornings.  We meet up early which is why it took me so long to actually join them on a run.  I was nervous that everyone would have to run in a pack and do so at a slower pace then me, not that I'm speedy but...  I was pleasantly surprised that we pair off according to speed and distance that we plan on doing.  The picture below is after we ran an unofficial half, yup we ran 13.1 just for fun and then did a yoga pose for a picture.

 Last week Keenan had belt testing at taekwondo.  He did well :)
 They all had to do forms, sparring and board breaking.  Keenan even earned a trophy for best form!  Here he is holding his new belt, recently broken boards and trophy.
I've been a bad mom and haven't taken very many pictures of Keenan playing basketball this season.  I usually end up keeping the official books for his games which means I don't have time to take pictures.  Below his team is just warming up.  The team has done pretty well this season winning most of their games. 
 Keenan has a real hard time just smiling for the camera...

 Yesterday I woke up early, dressed in what felt like many layers (it was only 13 degrees out) and went for a 12 mile run with my group.  A few hours later it started to snow and snow and snow!  We made-yes made the boys go outside with us while we shoveled the driveway.  Van was super excited to go but Keenan...  after about 10 minutes Keenan said he wasn't sure why he was being such a grump about coming outside because this was awesome!  Later I had to drag him back inside.  Today soon as they had breakfast and a little table time back out they went to play on the "castle"  aka snow pile from the plow.

  Making a back-up fort
 Snow angel attempt
 Back to the castle with a few neighbor kids.
The snow kept them busy for quite a while-love it.  

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Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

The boys are getting so big~! Can't wait to see you all in May. Yay for a good running group!