Our Travels

October 5, 2015

April -the rest of it

 Eric bought the boys matching sweats shirts so naturally we had to have a photo opp when they both wore them!

 Keenan wearing a santa hat at the park.
 Van petting Lewis and just looking out the window
 I'm guessing that Gramma and Grampa sent us these hillbilly teeth
 Van's favorite spot- digging in the pantry when he thinks everyone else is asleep
 Loving the spring weather

 Keenan in his sparring gear
 Have I ever mentioned that Van LOVES dirt- he can keep him self completely occupied with a small mound of dirt.  I think we were at a local winery that has a really nice lawn area for the kids to play on or to picnic on.

Van turns 5 (April)

We celebrated Van's 5th birthday (April 20) at Chuck E Cheese.  Van wore his super hero birthday mask for all of 5 minutes.

 Van wanted NOTHING to do with Chuck E Cheese, he wouldn't look at him or smile in his presence.

 All in all the kids all had fun.

 Van helped me make minion cupcakes and also he decorated his own cake because he wanted to.

Can't believe my baby is 5!!


We spent Easter at Lake Fairfax fishing, well Eric and  Keenan attempted to fish while Van threw rocks in the water...

 Van loves rocks and dirt, add those with some water and we have a fun filled morning!
 We walked around, dug in the dirt, threw rocks in the water, posed for a few selfies...

 Keenan casting.
 The boys trying to fish shells out of the water
 The shells :)
 Van tried his hand at fishing as well

September 6, 2015

Rock'n'Roll DC half marathon

Back in March I did the "Rock n Roll DC" half marathon with a few of my coworkers.  It was a hard winter to train in as it snowed a lot and was cold but we got it done.  Race day was pouring rain :(  Well actually it was sprinkling in the early morning while we had our ponchos on but by mile 4 I ditched it because I was hot.  After that it poured and poured.  My feet were sloshy.  I felt fine while I was running but the second I crossed the finished line and stopped I was cold!  I missed PR'ing by 30 seconds- ugh!!!  Thankfully I brought dry and changed into those in the beer tent.

 My co-worker Amy and I before the race
 downtown DC in the weeee hours of the morning- pre-race.

Our team- representing Austin-Weston Cosmetic Center.  

March- 2nd grade play

Ugh- I don't even remember the title of the play :(  It was about a shark who wanted to be friends with everyone.  Keenan was a blowfish, a blowfish with asthma.  Thankfully someone else made all the costumes :)

 It was all in all pretty cute!
 Van showing me how tasty his toes are.  Nice...
 He loves to carry Lewis around like this.

March Taekwondo tourney

Soooo I'm not doing a very good job on my New Year's resolution of keeping up my blog but here is my attempt at adding in the pictures from the last few months.

March.  March took us to a nearby tae kwondo tournament.  I thought it was going to be small so I was rather surprised when the place was packed with spectators and participants.

Somehow Keenan managed to lead his school with their sign.

 They had the kids go in groups of 3's for forms and yes everybody got a trophy.  Keenan totally nailed his form and got 1st!
 Keenan's scores.
 Trophy #1 of the day!

 The kids waiting to spar

 Keenan also did very well in sparring

 another 1st place trophy!  The groups were 4 kids(if i remember correctly).  We were disappointed that the first place kids then didn't spar the other first place kids but whatever.

 His trophies for the day.