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August 27, 2010

Terme Catez

The old part of Hotel Toplice

A few weeks ago we went to Terme Catez for a long weekend. We had the option of either camping or staying in the hotel part... we opted for the hotel this time. Terme Catez is a large water park and spa. Keenan LOVED it! The first and second days were a bit cool and rainy so we stayed in the indoor portion of the waterpark. There were waterslides, a pirate ship, a wave pool, regular pool, hot tub... there was a lot to do. Unfortunately I didn't get very many pictures inside.

Keenan and Dad coming down the slide.
Keenan contemplating which slide to go on next
Van chillin'
Wave pool
 Our hotel had a kid's playroom in the restaurant (which was awesome), a bowling alley (which we never got around to using), a gym (nope) as well as a huge selection of candy (YES) and coin operated rides (of course).
I think this is the only picture of me on the trip

Keenan reading his books

We thought sleeping on the floor in a tent would be a little more exciting than just sleeping on the floor. 

It can be difficult staying in one small hotel room with two small kids but we made do.  In the evening after Van fell asleep Keenan got to watch cartoons on his Ipod while Eric and I watched movies on the laptop.

The grounds were pretty large, in addition to the hotels, campgrounds, numerous little stores, restaurants, spas... there were also tipees that could be rented out.  We just went to check them out.  Keenan was extremely exhausted which really means he was grumpy and would not get off the stroller.  As we were walking back to our hotel we noticed some people pointing at Keenan; "ya, ya" we thought "how cute, two little kids on one stroller" until they they really started pointing and looking concerned.  Keenan had fallen asleep and was on the verge of falling off the front of the stroller.  Oops, time to go back to our room.

Imagine that, Keenan NEEDED to ride the go carts.  We spoil him rotten, he rode several times.

On Sunday the weather was beautiful so we ventured to the outdoor portion of the park.  We went out right after breakfast to stake out a spot and let Keenan get as much swimming in as possible.  Since it was a bit cool and very close to Van's eating time we stayed on the sidelines for a bit.  I put a blanket down on the grass and let Van do some tummy time.  The lady next to me looked shocked, felt the ground and told me that it was much to cold for him.  Seriously??  I felt the ground and told her that I thought it was fine, she replied with much more concern that no, it was indeed way to cold.  Now she was looking really worried.  Me: mental eye rolling.   Her husband explained to me that she was a Dr.  I think he felt the same way I did, THE KID IS FINE!  The husband started talking to me and to make a long story short he went to college in Missoula on a basketball scholarship.  We were talking a bit when his wife asked me if I had Van here in Slovenia, when I told her that I had gone back to the states she rolled her eyes and gave me a little smile that I'm sure was saying "silly American".  Shortly after that we relocated our camp for the day.  A person can only take so much... actually we wanted to be closer to the slides.
Tummy time on the too cold ground
he seriously looks like he's suffering
Keenan "sleeping"
Eric showing off his goggles too
Keenan swimming and looking for dad under the water
Mini waterslides
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lazy river ride

Keenan swam from 9 in the morning until around 4 that afternoon, any hopes we had of him falling asleep early were squashed.  Its just too hard to sleep with your mom and dad right there I guess.  The next morning at breakfast was a fight... he was whining from the minute he got up and all the way down to the restaurant.  We had to laugh when we noticed that most of the kids were tired, grumpy and whining as well. 

So what does one do with a young baby at a pool all day long?  Enjoy it!  Van and I would dip in the pool for a few minutes, then it seemed like it was time to eat then nap.  Sooooo, I read!  I loved it!  


Laura Olson said...

Wow - that looks like such a fun trip! What a great way to spend a long weekend...

mom said...

Looks like a great place. Gld you guys had a good time. Love, Louise