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March 22, 2011

World Ski jumping finals in Planica

On Sunday we drove to Planica (about an hour away) to watch the World Ski jumping finals.  One website that I looked at said that Planica is the world's largest ski jumping hill.  We went up with a few other guys from the Embassy who quickly honed in on the fact that I wasn't a big drinker (especially not on Sunday mornings) and could they maybe ride with us.  The event started at 10 in the morning and when we arrived plenty of people were already pretty wasted, but yes I was the DD for our group.

For some extremely stupid and idiotic reason they were selling those vuvuzelas (loud annoying noise makers from the World cup).  I don't think they would be so bad if people used them instead of cheering at the right moment but there were enough drunk idiots that the vuvuzela sound was constant.   Other than it being a little chilly from the occasional breeze  the weather was beautiful!  Clear and sunny!  So we were a little shocked and not so happy when they announced after the first round that the second round was cancelled.  They gave no explanation just went right into the awards ceremony.

The crowd

 A picture of me to prove I was there!
 The ski jump, notice that it goes way way way up.

 A ski jumper.
 A little entertainment...
 Supporting the locals, have to wear a big obnoxious hat!
 The guys that took advantage of my non-drinking habits.

Keenan thought the hat was pretty cool.

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