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May 13, 2008

Botanical Gardens

On Sunday we went to the Botanical Gardens with an American couple that lives in our building. Eric was playing softball so he met caught up with us later. He got to take the metro, the metro here is one of the deepest if not the deepest in the world. I was supposed to meet the couple we went with over at their apartment but Keenan had other plans. While I was on the phone telling them I would be over in just a few minutes I noticed a silence... the silence that makes you think "crap, what's my kid into now?" I found Keenan just as he was lifting the dog's water dish up to his mouth like a cup so that he could have a drink. Yup, water everywhere! Ok... outfit change number 1. Finally, I had everything packed up and ready to walk out the door when I noticed a suspicious odor... and then we had outfit change number 2. Ok, finally ready... now where are my darn keys?!

I was expecting a small quaint garden but, this place was very large. The garden has lots of high view points so that you can look out over the city and also goes down by the river. I made the mistake of not bringing the stroller so we did not get to see all of it. The garden was packed full of people wanting to see the lilacs in full bloom. I regret but I did not get very many pictures once we started walking around... Keenan is heavy! I did get a few pictures of Keenan enjoying his bottle and one on Eric's shoulders. Keenan thought it was pretty cool being up so high until Eric forgot to duck for a small branch and it hit him in the face. Now that the weather is getting warmer the locals skirts are getting shorter and their shirts are getting lower... we saw a LOT skin.

We had a small picnic complete with a pile of ants, a few ticks wandering on the dogs and box elder bugs. Hmmm... kind of made it feel like home!


Fav'rite Aunty said...

great fun for me... vicariously revisiting not only Russia but also mommyhood thru your adventures! xxxooo

Corinne said...

I am just getting the comment thing figured out! I love the pic of Keenan on Eric's shoulders...what a cutie!

mom said...

sounds like your day got off to a bad start, but finished up good. Keenan is so cute. love louise