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May 18, 2008

Mmmm mmm good!

We bought some extremely juicy strawberries at the market today. We stripped Keenan down and let him go to town on them. (We put them in the mesh lollipop thing) He had strawberry juice EVERYWHERE! But he seemed to really enjoy himself. Keenan with DadKeenan's new favorite thing... turning on and off and on and off...the water on the bidet's and playing in the water. Lots of fun!

Keenan took his first two steps this week! Yeah!


Corinne said...

So that is how you use the bidet! I am glad Keenan finally figured it out! The strawberries look good...I got one of those mesh lollipop things too at the shower.

mom said...

You have a bidet. How neat. Keenan seems to love it. The strawberries look great. louise

Christy said...

Keenan is so cute with his chubby little legs. Hooray for first steps. Can you believe he is almost a year old? Avery will be four months old shortly before Keenan turns 1. It all goes by so fast. I can remember when we were little and I liked holding your hand because it was so little in mine. Funny what we remember! Now I look at Cade's and am amazed at how much bigger they are than Avery's.