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May 12, 2008

Off the beaten path

We discovered a nice walk area just off the main street. It follows around a park and eventually ends up right at St. Andrew's church. I know I posted pictures of the church before... but this is a close up! The churches here are so beautiful! Here's a little tidbit; St. Andrews was built in 1753. On our walk before we got to the church we found this little prayer hut (that's what we think it is anyway) We didn't go inside as we had Sierra with us but it looked cozy. I thought the bells outside of it were neat.

Little playgrounds are dotted all over the city, it seems they occupy any bit of extra space. Most of them are painted in bright colors.

Sierra gets quite a bit of attention from the locals, apparently Labs aren't very common here. Mostly you just see stray mutts so when they see Sierra on a leash a lot of them will come over to see her and point her out to their kids. While we were walking through the park a bride and groom were getting their pictures done and their photographer took a few pictures of Sierra.

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mom said...

Sierra is a star and is very friendly. The church is beautiful. When Ed and I went on our cruises, we always checked out the local churches. Love all of the little play areas