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May 7, 2008

Beautiful weather

The last few days have been beautiful. Most of the Ukrainian kids are still wearing their little hats, they are getting thinner though. I took Keenan to the park yesterday in hopes of letting him crawl around in the grass but decided against it when we got there. This city is full of homeless dogs that like to use the park as their personal toilet. The grass at the park isn't very well kept up either and just didn't seem to be very good place to let Keenan crawl around and stick what ever he finds in his mouth.

A bunch of Ukrainian kids surrounded our dog Sierra at the park and wanted to pet and play with her. By all means! They ran all over the park with Sierra, played fetch and even wanted to take her down the slide. I nixed the last one. Sierra had a ball and so did the kids. They also had fun trying to practise what little English they knew and laughed at me when I tried out my mixed Russian/Ukrainian.

Since Keenan didn't get to play in the grass at the park I took him to the embassy lawn which was a lot nicer and wasn't full of dog poo. He wasn't sure what to think of it at first until he realized how much fun it was to pull the grass out. The liliacs are in full bloom, they smell so good.

Here are a few pictures of Keenan. He was trying so hard to reach the light switches, he loves pushing buttons and flipping switches... occasionally the switch on the power cord for the TV and computer.

Keenan loves giving Sierra hugs. Thankfully she usually just sits there and takes it.

I guess Keenan's pants are just a little too big... I had to get a picture!

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mom said...

Gosh he is so big. The flowers are so pretty. Hopefully it will get to be nice weather for you. It has been raining here in calif the last couple of days. We miss you. Louise