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May 5, 2008

Ukrainian MickeyD's

Yesterday Keenan was finally feeling better and there was even a little bit of sunshine trying to poke out of the clouds. So after being cooped up inside for the last few days all three of us took the bus down to an open air market. There happened to be a McDonalds nearby so we thought we’d have a little taste of home. The menu was pretty much the same except for a few items, it was written in Ukrainian but the English words were used. It took us a little while but we were able read the menu and have a good ol’ Mickey Dee’s cheeseburger.

I’m not sure if Keenan is still feeling a little sick or if he’s just now finally deciding to be picky in his foods. He has never spit out his food until recently. Now half of what goes in his mouth comes right back out…then he usually rubs some of it in his hair and some on the tray… and on his clothes…and on Sierra. He used to eat and eat, right now he seems to have lost interest. He seems to think that beer bottles are pretty fun, he's always trying to grab Eric's. At least he’s still going to town on his milk! And yes, he is still sporting his chubby cheeks!

On Saturday I left Keenan with Eric and walked down to the Spuce (not sure on the spelling or even if I’m pronouncing it right) where there are lots of vendors selling art, matruska dolls…ect ect. I overheard a few women speaking English “Yay, Americans!” They were English teachers stationed in Moscow and came down to Kyiv for a little weekend excursion. It’s so nice to run into other people that speak the same language! It felt good to just get out and walk…without having to push a stroller. I came home empty handed but made a little mental list of things that I want to go back and buy. There are some pretty neat wooden Santa’s and pretty embroidered table cloths.

I bought an African Violet off the street corner about a week after we got here and it is still alive! Yeah! I’m usually really good at killing off my plants. This is my first attempt at African Violets and so far so good, this one seems to really like the window that I have it sitting in.

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mom said...

your violet is beautiful. i need some get some flowers to brighten up the house