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March 8, 2009

I'm so proud!!

We had a BIG week! We've been casually trying to get Keenan to use his potty more. Mostly we (read Jessica) put Keenan on the potty when he first wakes up in the morning, before night time and sometimes a few times in between. Occasionally I'll keep him naked in the kitchen with me while I'm baking (or cleaning), he'll usually use the potty then but squat behind the table while I'm not looking to do his other business. So imagine my surprise when he was running around the house naked the other day when he caught my eye and suddenly said "uh oh, poo poo" we quickly ran to the potty to sit. After reading two books nothing had happened so I finally started to fix my hair while Keenan played, then he said "poo poo" again and sat down and had success! Yeah! Finally poo poo in the potty and not on the floor! Very exciting day for us! Needless to say I made a big deal about it and was cheering like crazy! Keenan was excited to get a "mellow" (marshmallow) .

Then on a few days later we were all playing "Rock Band"; Keenan was on air guitar until he got bored and wandered off. In the middle of a song I could hear that Keenan was playing the bathroom, sounded like he was messing with the toilet seat or something. Eric and I both ran in there to find him emptying his potty pan in the toilet and saying "poo poo". As you could imagine there was a bit of a mess but, he went poo poo all by himself! Yeah!! My little boy is growing up so quickly.

Is Keenan potty trained? If your idea of potty training means running around naked with me watching him like a hawk, well then kind of. If he thinks I'm not looking he'll take the opportunity to see what all he can pee on. If you mean does he use the potty more than his diaper, then "no". If the diaper is on then it's going to get filled but, I guess you've got to start some where.


Mom said...

I am hoping that keenan makes big strides in his potty training before May which is not to far off from now! :) But then again he can run around outside buck naked.

Corinne said...

Yay Keenan! Sounds messy though...cant wait for my turn! Oh, wait I actually wouldnt mind skipping it all together:)

Laura Olson said...

I'm so glad you're keeping track of all of these important events. I'll be frantically e-mailing in a year and a half for advice on potty training! :)

mom said...

Just think, I had 2 at the same time running around. I was so tired before they were trained. I didn't start them until they were two yrs old. Kind of late, but it all worked out. Love, Louise