Our Travels

August 30, 2009


Saturday morning we learned how to use the metro system and made our way to the Museum of Natural history to mostly look at the Dinosaurs.

Keenan went around looking at the dinosaurs saying "rrrrroar"! They even had a few exhibits kids could touch and play with.
Keenan sizing up to a dinosaur leg.
Keenan and Eric looking up at a dino and also at some baby ones.
That afternoon while walking around we stumbled upon an "apfelwein" fest. It's an apple wine that is pretty tasty!

Me drinking my "apfelwein" and Keenan enjoying juice.
There were lots of people enjoying wine, beer, bratwurst...
Eric came back with these... uhm, I think the bun is a little small...
We saw Homer Simpson's brand of beer.
and a beer/biking trolley. The people on it have to peddle and drink beer of course!

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Corinne said...

Looks like you all had a great time!! I love the beer and peddle trolley...hope they had a sober guy steering though:)