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August 30, 2009

Heidelberg, Germany

Sunday we took the train almost 1 1/2 hours to Heidelberg to see the Heidelberger Schloss Castle.

Keenan did pretty good on the train except at every stop loudly announced "All done!" There were about 18 stops between Frankfurt and Heidelburg.

Pictures around the town of Heidelburg
Looking up at the castle.
The climb up the hill to the castle was pretty rocky and steep to which are small stroller we brought didn't do very well. We ended up carrying Keenan.

View looking from the castle.
note to self... invest in some lipstick!
In the courtyard
In the palace pharmacy
palace brewery
Palace sun dial, maybe?
Keenan knocking on the palace door

We had a very nice trip and we're glad we were able to make a vacation out of Eric's business trip.

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mom said...

I am behind on your blog. All of the Germany pictures are beautiful. My folks loved it there. Keenan looked like he had a ball. Apple wine sounds good. Love, Louise