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November 24, 2011

neighborhood going away party

I'm still in shock that our time here is almost over.  Just one week left for the boys and I before we embark on a few months of being homeless traveling from state to state staying with family members.  We will be the guests who NEVER leave!  Seriously!

Last weekend my friend Lia organized a little neighborhood going away party for us.  The same crew we played with outside everyday during the summer and celebrated kids' birthdays and invited to our smores parties.  Our neighbors here have been wonderful and really made us feel at home and part of the community.  I will miss them so much!  (I'm getting all sentimental and teary eyed just thinking about all this)  They have truly made our stay in Slovenia an amazing experience.

Unfortunately once all the kids showed up (about 12 all in all)  there was a lot of commotion and noise and we stopped taking pictures.

Here's Max and Keenan:

Who me?
 Uh-oh somebody noticed the cinnamon rolls and they look excited.

 Just a little taste...

 Just tall enough to reach all the good stuff.
 As usual, Van has food and drink all down his shirt!
 The big girls working on their friendship bracelets
 Lia and Jacob

I wish we would have gotten pictures of everyone but I'm sure if I look back in my blog I will find pictures of them.

On a side note:  I must be crazy... I'm traveling to the States ahead of Eric to spend more time with my family which means that I will be travelling with two kids by myself.  It's about 20-24 hours door to door of airports, security lines and being trapped on planes... sounds like fun huh?  Maybe you could pray that I can keep my sanity... or better yet that the boys feel like sleeping ALOT!  My fear is that as usual Keenan will finally fall asleep during descent of the overseas flight (because he never sleeps on that flight) and Van will be asleep at the same time leaving me to try and figure out how to maneuver two sleeping kids through security,  customs and the airport...  WISH ME LUCK PLEASE!

I am currently mega stressed trying to figure out how to pack for this trip.  I'm allowed 2 bags but do I seriously what to haul around 6 bags (2 for each of us), a stroller, 2 carseats, carry-on and two kids...  All I know is that whomever picks us up will need a big vehicle!!

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