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February 15, 2012

Tonsils update

So I think we're on the mend now!  Keenan is back to normal and Van is finally starting to eat something more than a handful of peanut butter cheerios and little bits of fruit sauces.  Both boys have also been playing lots and wanting to run around outside. This past week we've created a few bad habits that I now need to undo... boo.   Getting Van to take a nap or go to sleep has been an extreme challenge; he wants to only sleep on me and wakes up the second I even think about putting him in his crib.  Sigh...  I do so hate sleep training, totally stresses me out :(

On a positive note, the kids have been LOVING playing with their Montana cousins again.  We've been trying to get them together as much as possible and put on a little Valentine's party for them yesterday.  Afterwards Keenan said "I didn't know Valentine's day was a party, I really like that!"  Van got into the red M&M and had red dye all over his face, he sort of looked like a little vampire.

Slightly gross story that I somehow forgot to put in the last post.  Both of the boys had IV's in during the surgery and received quite a bit of fluid both during and after surgery.  Once i got the boys back to my parents house Keenan immediately crawled on the couch and fell asleep while Van fell asleep on me.  Van woke up and was sitting on my lap watching TV when all the sudden I felt something really warm on my lap... and then is quickly spread between my legs and soaked into the seat of my pants.  In fact in felt like I peed my own pants, when I stood up it looked like I peed my pants only I know I didn't!  Van's diaper had a major leak!!  GROSS!

Van must have had tons of fluid, his diapers kept filling and springing leaks faster than I could change him!

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