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April 16, 2012

Easter Sunday

For Easter we were glutons and ate TWO Easter meals.  First a big lunch with at our neighbors, of course there was pie and other delicious desserts.  Then when as soon as Van woke up from his nap we headed over to meal #2.  Here the kids got to have another Easter egg hunt then we all ate AGAIN!  I wasn't really hungry but I felt like I had to eat to be sociable or maybe because pork products are hard to come by in this country I felt like I had to fill up... maybe I just couldn't help myself because it all looked so good :)  and all this was followed by more pie.

First our day started off with finger painting  (Thanks Gramma and Grampa Hammond for the Easter box)

 Van became super excited when he realized he could dig out a whole pile of the goo/paint.
 Easter egg hunting
 Really making sure there isn't something hidden in there.
 The mighty Easter egg hunters... oops one kid is still gathering eggs, just from someone else's basket.
 The kid table... need I say more??

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