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April 3, 2012

Getting to know Tunis

On Sunday we as a whole family went to the grocery store, we desperately needed things like garbage cans, mops/brooms, cleaning supplies... The store was a zoo!  So many people, we could hardly push our cart down the aisles.  Arg!

Afterwards we followed my new boss and his family down to the beach for lunch.  Unfortunately the restaurant we were supposed to go to was closed due to the workers protesting for higher wages.  Protesting is a new thing since the revolution as I guess it happens all the time now.  Before it was illegal.  So we had to find a different place.  We had pizza, it came with tuna on it.  Tuna pizza?  Who does that??  Here in Tunisia apparently EVERYTHING comes with tuna, one need's to specify "NO TUNA" when ordering.  Granted it didn't taste that bad if you like tuna melt sandwiches, that's what it reminded me of.  Then we walked along pier and let the boys get their toes wet, which they loved.  Van threw a huge tantrum when we made him get out.  And yes, I forgot my darn camera.  GAH!

Then we went to an Italian icecream shop and stopped at my boss's house.  He has a lemon tree and an olive tree (yes I am a bit jealous) we picked an armful of lemons.

Keenan knew exactly what needed to happen to those lemons... make lemonade!

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