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May 24, 2012

Bouncy house park

While I'm sure the park has a different name all the expats refer to this park as "the bouncy house park".  Look below and you'll see why.  It only cost 1 dinar (about $0.63)  to get in but then it cost an additonal 3-5 dinars per area of the park for 1/2 hour.  Van wasn't so sure about the huge bouncy houses at first.  Each portion of the park was "fenced" in so the parents could sit outside and watch their kiddos while enjoying a coffee.  

 Keenan is on coming down the gray elephant/mouse?? slide.

 Van preferred the little house.
 Finally got him in.
 Then it started to sprinkle a little so we went into the indoor portion that had a ball pit, little trampoline and climbing area.  The birds caught Van's attention, he wanted to touch them so bad!
Definitely a fun place for an cool afternoon, I can't imagine those bouncy houses on a hot hot day.

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Laura Olson said...

Wow--that place looks like so much fun!