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June 3, 2012

Artwork by Keenan

I was trying to study French one night, Keenan wanted to "help", instead he drew me pictures.  The first picture is of him and doggy (his stuffed doggy)  going upstairs to bed.  For reason unknown they are wearing their winter hats.
This next picture, as explained by Keenan, is what mom and dad do after he goes to bed.  According to Keenan we sit on the couch, with food in our tummies, drinking coffee while watching TV.  The TV show is one about good guys and bad guys shooting each other...  The funny part about us "drinking coffee" is that for the past 2 1/2 months that we've been here we've drank EVERYTHING out of coffee mugs because we didn't have drinking glasses.  The embassy forgot to give them to us in our "welcome kit" and we never bothered to complain or ask for some.  (We did FINALLY get all of our stuff and now we do have normal glasses)

It's been a week since we've gotten our stuff and I'm happy to say that most everything is put away.  We have get to hang our pictures but the brunt of the work is done.  The boys have been super busy rediscovering their toys that they haven't seen for 6 months.


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