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August 23, 2012

Bye bye Grampa Ed

Grampa Ed passed away at the beginning of the month,  he had a long battle with Alzheimer's.  Eric flew home immediately to help out and to be with his mom and family.  We weren't sure if the family was going to spread his ashes immediately so the boys and I stayed behind. 

Thankfully I have some generous friends here to help out, plus a nanny that the boys love. 

Here's a few pictures of Grampa Ed.
  This was earlier this year in January
 December 2007.  Grampa Ed held and talked to Keenan lots here.
 Three generation of Lundgren boys

Talking to Keenan about the death wasn't the easiest although I think he was receptive.  Just now while I was putting these pictures up I asked Keenan who this was.  He said "Grampa Ed but, then what happened?  Where is he?"   We then talked about it a little more. 

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