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August 4, 2012

Olympic tribute

In the spirit of the Olympic games and my previous post of the Cemetery, this post is for Foy Draper.

Foy Draper was an Olympic gold medalist at the Berlin games during the summer of 1936, where he along with Jesse Owens, Ralph Mecalfe and Frank Wykoff set a new world record for the 4x100 meter relay.  He later served his country during WW II as a pilot on a twin engine A-20B Havoc.  On January 4, 1943, he and two crew members took off to fly to Fonduck, Tunisia, to take part in the Battle of Kassarine Pass, but all three men disapeared on the flight and were never heard from again.

He represented his country both as an Olympian and as a soldier.  He along with so many other men (and a women) gave the ultimate sacrifice for his country.  His body now rest here in Tunisia at the North Africa American Cemetery. 

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400 Meter Relay Team victorious at 1936 Olympics in Berlin - Left to right: Jesse Owens, Ralph Metcalfe, Foy Draper, and Frank Wykoff.

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