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April 30, 2013

Catching up Novemeber 2012

For my birthday (in Novemeber) Keenan drew a picture of the two of us.  Yes, my heart completely melted, love that kid.

 Keenan and Cade sledding
 Running with my sis, I think this was the "hoofin' it for hunger" 5k
 Van being goofy!
 Keenan hammin' it up for the camera

 Waiting on the school bus.
Chase, Avery and Van were "sharing" one of Grampa's mountain dews.  They all made sure that they got their equal share!

Christy and I at the "Run Turkey, Run" 5K on Thanksgiving day.  Do we look cold?  It was freezing!

 I found this picture in Keenan's school folder.  I asked him to explain it to me.  He told me it was a picture of Cassandra (his girlfriend) and himself.  They were to the hotdog stand to get hamburgers.  If you notice her tummy is full because he let her eat first.  Cute!
 Walking home from the bus in the afternoon.  I can remember running home from the bus on this very same road.  It seemed surreal to watch my boys do the same, like sometimes I still can't believe I have two boys and that one is old enough to be in school...

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jsully21 said...

I love this picture, and I love that the boys have had the chance to walk the road your family has walked and live the life your family lived. What a great experience for you to add to all of your other adventures!:-)