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January 4, 2015

Part 2: Review of 2014


Keenan turned 7!  We had a birthday party at a bowling alley with a few of his friends.  Van looks less than thrilled...

Birthday (root) beer with dad.
Eric left for Thailand a day or two after Keenan's birthday for 7 weeks.  One of my coworkers gave me a huge tub of civil war army guys- they were a huge hit with Keenan.

 Van showing his attitude.
 We fell into our routines during the summer.  Keenan went to taekwondo camp everyday while Van continued his daycare/preschool.  We spent most of our free time at the pool, chasing down our neighborhood ice cream trunk, parks and finding local events.  Below we went to a farmers market/bazaar in Reston.  The boys liked the water fountain best.

 Keenan showing off his new bo-staff.

 August:  Keenan participated in the DC classic taekwondo tournament with quite a few other members from his dojo.  Keenan fit right in with the twins below, people thought I had triplets.  They completely hammed it up.

 Keenan did well.  3rd in sparring!
 All the kids who participated at the DC classic
 Enjoying our neighborhood pool

 at a park

This was the 2nd day of  2nd grade!
 Playing in a dirt pile
 People take their birthday parties seriously here, there are tons are bounce house, laser tag, kid gyms ect ect to hold birthday parties AND everyone seems to.  Below Van was at a birthday party.
 Van finds every dirt pile we walk near.
 1st day of 2nd grade!

 I don't get in near enough pictures with the boys so I had to post this one :)
 September also brought flag football season!  Keenan was on the "Fighting Irish" team, they won almost all of their games.
 Clowing around at taekwondo
 Van keeping busy at the Battle of the Baltimore taekwondo tourney
 Keenan showing how fierce he can be.  He did awesome, placed in both sparring and forms
Halloween-  We still can't decide if we're bad parents for letting Keenan go as a scary pumpkin skeleton dude?  It seemed a little age inappropriate but they had his size??  At any rate he insisted on being that.  Van on the other hand has NEVER cared about his costume until this year.  He insisted   demanded to be a Mario cat.  For those who have no idea what a Mario cat is, well, in Super Mario Bro's 3D world Mario and Luigi turn into cats when they get their special power.  I tried.  I realize he looks like a mouse with a mustache...  Like I said, I tried.  He was thrilled.
 Our neighborhood had a kids parade
 Getting ready to start trick 'r'treating
 Gramma and Grampa came to visit

 Finishing up football season.
 The team.
November and December:

Keenan HAD to have this santa hat.  I must be soft since I gave in :)
 First year that Van's been excited for Christmas.  He talked non-stop about getting an omnitrex (ben 10 watch) for Christmas.  He even wanted to go sit on Santa's lap and tell him all about it.  Below we're waiting to see Santa
 Eric and I even got a night out at my work's Christmas party.  We even got to dress up!
 We spent Christmas Eve driving around looking at lights.  Van was asleep by the time we found this house, it had tons of lights.

 Christmas morning.  The boys checking out their loot- Van wearing his Omnitrex.  At first he was afraid of it and didn't want to be near it.  We celebrated Christmas mostly just relaxing at home then went over to our neighbor's house for dinner.

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