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January 5, 2015

Goodbye Christmas break

Sunday night is bringing us back to our routines as we say goodbye to Christmas break.  Back to getting Keenan's backpack ready for the morning and making sure baths are done at night.  Eric has had the past 2 weeks off while I've had a good portion of that time off as well.  As usual I thought I would have so much time to get so much stuff done when in reality I really enjoyed just being home and not feeling like I was rushing around so much.  I slept in, I ran, I read, I played with the boys and Eric and I finally finished all of the tv show "Dexter".

The boys went to a birthday party for our neighbor on Friday at a bounce house.  There were bouncy castles, bouncy slides and a bouncy floor.  They love this place!

 Saturday I dropped Keenan off at a play date then took Van to Burger King so he could play in the play area since it was cold and rainy.  He was feeling a little abused since he wanted to stay at Keenan's friends house.

Today we went to a rec center where Keenan's basketball team met up to practice.  Afterward Keenan wanted to climb the wall.  It took him a few tries but he finally got to the top!  Afterward Keenan got to go to ANOTHER birthday party, this time at a laser tag center.

Van couldn't climb since the rules are you have to be 6!  I don't think he minded though.

I'm guessing our alarms will come waaaaay to early for all of us in the morning!

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