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January 11, 2015

Lil' bit of snow

Tuesday morning we woke up to a few inches of snow.  Keenan was pretty sure school was going to be cancelled (which it wasn't), Van was upset because he wanted to build a snowman and have a snowball fight.  I was rushing to get out of the house as I correctly assumed that there would be more traffic than usual.  I way underestimated what the traffic would look like.  I left our house a few minutes after 7, dropped Keenan off at our neighbors and Van at his daycare then proceeded to sit in traffic.  It took me nearly 3 hours to drive about 13 miles  :(   The roads weren't plowed, cars were fishtailing all over the place, I heard later that a few buses went into the ditch.  Needless to say that I was late to work, along with pretty much everybody else including the patients.  The roads were fine by that night and we didn't get anymore snow but the schools in our county still closed for Wednesday and Thursday (saying it was too cold at 12-20 F).  Friday the schools were on a 2 hour delay.  How does a 2 hour delay help anybody?! ARG!  I continue to be amazed at how this area can NOT handle any snow.  Thankfully our neighbors have kids Keenan's age so he went there for his "snow days".  On tuesday evening we got the sleds out for a few minutes.

Friday was Eric's birthday after blowing out candles with the kids we got a babysitter and had a night out.  We went to a local wine bar that even had a Slovenian wine, of course I ordered it :)

Keenan had a basketball game last night and they won!  I ended up getting roped into keeping score so I didn't get any pictures.   Keenan got 1 basket but they didn't count it as the ref called something- we were bummed.

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