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February 9, 2015

Blogging is tough to keep up on...

Van was going through my phone looking at the pictures when I remembered I needed to do something with those photos.  Blog!

Call it a habit or a reflex but at work when I see a pen I automatically slip that pen in my pocket.  I cleaned out my work bag and found a few of those pens...
 In January we had to say goodbye to Sierra :(   She was 16 years old and showing every one of those years.  She was having an extremely difficult time getting up, walking and staying up.  She had a list of other old lady problems as well but her mobility and her comfort were our main concerns.  The vet had mentioned it was getting to be time way back during the summer but we held on for as long as we thought she could.  Keenan was very brave and insisted on going with Eric and insisted on holding her head as she went on to doggy heaven.
 On to happier things now:

I asked the boys to smile so I could send a few pictures to Grampa.  This is what I got...

 Seriously, what did I expect?

The boys found the halloween costumes and decided to see about trick or treating with us for a bit of candy.  We might have given in and found a few pieces of candy for them!

 Van's preschool had a "winter festival"  where each class sang a few songs then had a sugar heavy party.  Van surprised me and actually sang this year :)
 Keenan brought this gem home:

It outlines how he can be nicer to his brother.  I love it, I should put it on the fridge to remind him!
 I made heart shaped cookies with the hopes and maybe frosting them, Van found heart shaped red hots and decided to add those instead.

 My Goofballs.  Looking at my pictures it appears my boys actually get along sometimes... maybe i should start taking pictures of them fighting too...

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